Real-time production monitoring and management system

for CNC machines
DPA offers a trustworthy information source for real-time management and handling of deviations
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Scope of Applicability

  • Machining Process & Engineering Manufacture

  • Plastics Processing

  • Woodworking

  • Textile Manufacture



Production System Maintenance
  • Monitor Equipment State
  • Prologning Machine Lifetime
  • Stabilize work on technology
  • Control Operation Duration
  • See Emerging Problems and Solutions


Basis of order execution on time
  • Control Production
  • Predict Turnaround Time
  • Sustain Turnaround Time
  • Execute in Reasonable Time
  • Orders on Time


Product and Production Processes Improvement
  • Technology Debug
  • Technology Upload
  • Technology Control
  • Technology Comparison
  • Technology Observance

Functional modules of the system


Machine data collection

Base your decisions on reliable and current information. We gather and store data from connected equipment in both summarized and detailed formats, tailored to the specific tasks at hand.

Up to 2,000 machine parameters, including:

  • machine status (production, on, off)
  • emergency stop
  • machine condition monitoring
  • information about the processing program (status, name)
  • position of the speed correctors
  • actual value of spindle speed and feed
  • values of program counters and machine cycles
  • spindle load (not supported by all models)
  • PLC memory locations


Visualization and analysis

Effectively presents critical information to staff in a comprehensible manner.

19 journals, 39 reports, ∞ dashboards

The Analytics module visually displays structured monitoring data in graphical and tabular forms.

Analytical data is accessible through both detailed reports and real-time dashboards, facilitating the monitoring of essential indicators.

The module allows:

  • See how the machine is used
  • Identify losses and their causes
  • Optimize technological processes and set up continuous production
  • Register and respond to alarm events and CNC signals
  • Anticipate and prevent emergencies
  • Receive alerts about deviations from technology

Control Program Library

Control programs

DPA enables the seamless transfer and downloading of NC programs to the machine. Our control programs are centralized in a single library, meticulously managed to include versioning and access control rights.

On the majority of CNC controls, our system has the capability to monitor the execution of NC programs on the machine. In this scenario, it doesn't just consider the program's name but also actively verifies the content (body) of the NC program that was executed on the machine. This applies even if the NC program was loaded through alternative methods, bypassing DPA, or retrieved from the machine's archive.

The module allows:

  • Load and store control programs
  • Manage versions of control programs
  • Our program provides information on which products can be manufactured and at which specific work centers it can be applied.
  • Upload the control program to the machine while the system actively monitors the machine's status, ensuring that it prevents any interruptions to the currently running program.


Operational cards and reference data

The module empowers you to oversee and manage all operations carried out on machine tools comprehensively.

Our system meticulously outlines the production processes, encompassing routes, stages, and operations. It gathers all essential data to facilitate efficient management and meticulous control of the technological aspects of production.

The module allows:

  • Set up and describe the flow charts used in production
  • Operators are provided with part designs and corresponding technological documentation at every stage of the production process.
  • Help the operator to follow the technology exactly when completing the production task
  • The system considers various parameters, including norms, deviations, losses, scrap percentages, and other relevant factors within the context of each technological operation. This comprehensive approach ensures a detailed and accurate assessment of the production process.s


Controlling the duration of operations

Our system offers the capability to store temporary norms for executing production operations. It can also generate or modify these norms based on historical production data. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring to ensure compliance with the established norms during task execution. This dynamic approach enhances efficiency and accuracy in the production process.


Accounting and control of maintenance and scheduled work

Monitoring the correct use of equipment, drawing up and monitoring the schedule of scheduled maintenance. Accounting for accidents and unscheduled repairs.

Operator Automated Workstation

The system provides functionality to monitor technology compliance at every stage of each shift and daily tasks. It actively collects data on any time overruns during operations, enabling real-time tracking and analysis for improved operational efficiency.

Our system allows you to easily connect with quality control or any other specialist without the need to leave your workstation. This streamlined communication enhances collaboration and problem-solving in real-time, improving workflow efficiency.

The workstation enables operators to record the reasons for downtime, adjustments, and equipment failures, facilitating comprehensive maintenance and performance analysis..

Technological documentation is always at hand.


Messages, signals, deviation handling

The system is equipped to generate signals and notifications when specific conditions or deviations from the required values are detected. This proactive alerting ensures prompt attention to critical issues, promoting efficient problem resolution and minimizing disruptions.

Transfer of notifications to personnel and control of specialists' reactions.


Connecting equipment without CNC

Equipment with Ethernet ports and support for OPC, OPC UA, Euromap, MTconnect protocols can be connected to a unified production data collection system. DPA can act as both a client and a server of these protocols.

Equipment with standard controllers OMRON, Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff, etc. in the presence of a controller project.

Our partners produce additional equipment to link machines without CNC, when it is economically feasible.

Vibration diagnostics

External vibration diagnostics systems can be connected to the DPA system to monitor processing and equipment condition.

Data Integration



Uniform environment for all productive groups

DPA is one of the most functional systems and all the necessary components for control CNC machines can be installed on the same equipment.

No additional equipment

Ethernet network connection is all that's needed to establish a connection with the machine. Our system seamlessly integrates with a wide range of CNC machine types, ensuring compatibility with all the popular models in the market.

Remote access from any device

Our DPA interface adheres to the HTML5 standard, offering universal accessibility. No matter your location, all that's required to access the system is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Rapid Implementation

Our modular system, combined with our preconfigured drivers, is suitable for a wide range of tools, enabling swift integration for your specific needs.

Low Cost

The quick-connect feature for tools and the absence of any additional equipment requirements significantly reduce implementation costs.

Flexibility and Universality

We offer versatile integration options for virtually any tool, even those lacking external connection interfaces.

Free Trial

Complete the application, and our experts will assist in setting up the equipment for a free trial at your enterprise
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