Data Integration

The Momentum platform combined with DPA facilitates a centralized information ecosystem for the enterprise, seamlessly integrating both existing and newly-incorporated disparate systems

X-tensive solutions enable swift deployment of software products across various DBMS and facilitate integration with related systems through standard exchange protocols

Data Integration Options

DPA can serve as an information source for any enterprise information system

The most frequently used types of Data Integration:

  • Reference Books Synchronization with CAD / CAM / PLM, as well as Momentum platform and ERP systems
  • Additional Data Entry through Integration with Hardware Platform
  • Connection / Installation of vibration monitoring systems
Momentum platform
Vibration Monitoring Systems
Barcode-reader, Kiosk Information System (KIS )
DPA + Momentum platform <-> PLM
The Production Technology including: the Product Composition, the developed Control Program texts, the time standards for operations and the tool-life are created / established by technologists in the PLM system. These data, along with data from ERP-systems - are used by Momentum platform during the production planning session. The DPA system actually registers technological parameters, the operation time values and the production process progress, as the daily schedule is executed. The specified data is transmitted to Momentum platform for production dispatch, such as plan-factor analysis, signaling of deviations, rescheduling sessions. The Plan-Actual Analysis data can be used by PLM users for adjusting standards and developing sets of measures.
DPA has an interface for integration with PLM systems. The integration allows optimizing the process of populating the DPA with regulatory data and increases the PLM system information content.
DPA <-> Momentum platform
DPA can be integrated with any Momentum platform. Integration increases the reporting data information content in both systems.


We utilize common protocols and standards to connect equipment

Seamless Integration with Momentum

Momentum is an all-encompassing MES, WMS, APS automation solution designed to seamlessly integrate the enterprise's information space with minimal configuration efforts

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