Launching Our Revolutionary OPC UA Server for PICANOL Weaving Machines

Posted: 13/03/2024

Launching Our Revolutionary OPC UA Server for PICANOL Weaving Machines

Exciting news for the textile industry: We are proud to unveil our innovative OPC UA server designed specifically for PICANOL weaving machines equipped with "Plus" and "BlueBox" control systems. This groundbreaking development simplifies data collection directly from the equipment via Ethernet, setting a new level in textile manufacturing efficiency.

Unlike metalworking equipment that has different operational demands, PICANOL machines are engineered to produce large volumes, necessitating nearly continuous operation with minimal downtime for thread and fabric changes.

Key Features of Our OPCUA Server for Picanol:

- Continuous Data Collection: Capture essential parameters from fabric density to air consumption in real-time, ensuring maximum productivity.
- Enhanced Performance Analysis: Elevate your operational efficiency by monitoring work speed and accurately measuring product length, enabling process optimization.
- Proactive Downtime Management: Our system intelligently identifies and categorizes equipment stoppages, facilitating swift responses to any issues, minimizing downtime, and maintaining uninterrupted production.

Embark on a digital transformation journey in the textile industry with our state-of-the-art OPC UA server by DPA!

Discover the full potential of our server and how it can revolutionize your operations by visiting:

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