DEMO Version

If you or your company has a need to solve the problems of monitoring CNC machines, you can use a full-function product and use technical support services within a month.

The Demo Period is free and do not require extra charge.

You will be able in practice to test the functionality of the system by configuring a demo version, and assess the benefits that a company can receive from its implementation. As a rule, enterprises already have the necessary network infrastructure and all you need is to install the necessary software. Our team or the staff of our partners will help you install and configure the system on your equipment.

Installation strategy

It is very easy to get a demo version! Our team will provide technical support at all stages of installation and use of the system.
  • 1.
    Fill out an application with a list of equipment for connection;
  • 2.
    Conclude the license agreement for free-of-charge use of the system;
  • 3.
    Install the software or request assistance from X‑tensive.

Request to connect DEMO Version

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