DEMO Version

If you or your company require CNC machine monitoring solutions, you can access our comprehensive product and benefit from a month of technical support services

The trial period is free and incurs no additional charges

You can experience the system's capabilities firsthand by setting up a demo version and evaluating the benefits your company can gain from its adoption. Typically, enterprises already possess the required network infrastructure; the only step left is software installation. Either our team or our partners will assist you in setting up and configuring the system on your equipment

Installation strategy

Getting a free trial is simple! Our team will support you throughout the installation and usage of the system
  • 1.
    Fill out an application with a list of equipment for connection;
  • 2.
    Conclude the license agreement for free-of-charge use of the system;
  • 3.
    Install the software or request assistance from X‑tensive.

Request to connect DEMO

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