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  • Version 6.2
  • Version 6.1
    Version /



    • Bug in a tool grid of tasks analytics
    • Bug. Two gantt diagrams on a dashboard
    • Bug. Tool data is not displayed on a gantt diagram


    • Fixed display of running jobs when selecting some periods on the Plan-actual analysis
    • Fixed localization of states, state types and some journals in the Enterprise Structure


    • HeidenHain. Fixes for TimeOut loss when reconnecting


    • Fix with email attachments based on signals


    • Fixing the Mitsubishi driver


    • The list of CP, subprograms and products now displays the version status (Active / Inactive)
    • Added a new access right to edit/view the Work Center Groups reference book
    • Added a new access right to edit/view the CP/Subprogram reference book
    • Added ability to select multiple entries in the reference books of Contol program and Subprograms


    • Fixed an error when calculating MachineState for HaasSerial
    • Fixed import operation if DPA was disabled at the time of launch
    • OPC UA. Fix display of nodes with same name and id twice


    • Authorization of the master in the Operator using barcode
    • Improved integration with RabbitMQ: working with job pools


    • Fixed an error when updating the technology version via import
    • Correction of auto-classification of short downtimes in the Operator
    • Fixed import of jobs with the specified technology version
    • Fixed technology description import
    • Excel-report States with utilization and reasons table. Now there is an adjustment option
    • Fixed a bug with displaying user login methods


    • History of changes to control programs
    • Adding a deployed tag for several control programs


    • Fixed display of extra fields in the technology editor


    • Upload Wizard. Added link to work center groups
    • Upload Wizard. New feature of adding a new version of control program
    • Added change history for the entire control program repository


    • Fixed server error when deleting driver
    • HAAS. Added CP status Running


    • OPC UA Driver. Added the ability to override the certificate


    • OPC UA Driver. Fixed error in downloading software when there is no setting Complete downloading software
    • The display of the number of tickets in the Master and the Operator has been fixed. Now only active tickets are displayed
    • The Master. Fixed reset to first page when classifying downtime
    • Added the ability to select a department for a CP with the "Manage reference books" access right
    • Fixed display of text on the extended dashboard, on the "Process parameters diagram" dashboard, as well as on the "Workload. Pie chart" dashboard
    • Now the downtime indicator in the Operator takes into account the setting "Ignore short downtimes in operator module"
    • Excel reports sent via signals now take into account additional states


    • Fixed display of two analytics on the advanced dashboard
    • And other small improvements


    • Fix of downloading CP on the Gantt diagram
    • Fixed display of work centers for users in Security
    • OPCUA interface fixed ProductUri and BuildDate
    • And other small improvements


    • Universal reports, can now be downloaded from analytics
    • Updated Haas Serial Configuration
    • Added the ability to connect to a generated report from the reports page
    • The OPC UA interface now displays state instead of event, and the name of the linked device is also displayed next to state


    • Fixed an error when requesting a license if the .NET Framework version was lower than 4.7.2
    • Fixed errors in reports uploaded via Signals
    • Fixed missing OPCUA interface during a clean installation of the DPA server
    • OPC UA node separator fixed
    • Fixed an error when trying to create two states with the same name


    • OPC UA driver. Fix node separator bug
    • Heidenhain. Fixed reading the number of the active tool


    • Fixed an error when opening the Excel report templates page if KPI is not installed
    • Fixing enum in GRPC
    • Fixed scripts for Signals 2.0


    • Fixed a bug when receiving a request if the server is unavailable
    • Fixed technology version activity check when scheduling a task


    • Added display of redefined Excel report
    • Fixed display of GRPC transport errors
    • Fixed display of cycles on analytics 17 - Monitoring
    • Fixing time calculation error on analytics 25 - Monitoring statistics. All
    • Fixed grouping of tasks with the same name on the Gantt diagram
    • Fixed search for active tasks in the Operator



    Recommended update procedure

    1. Be sure to perform a full backup before upgrading (configuration files, indicators, databases)
    2. Make sure you have version 6.0 installed. Upgrading from version 5.9 to 6.1 is only possible with an intermediate installation of 6.0. Version 6.0+ requires .NET 7 SDK and .NET Framework 4.7.2.
    3. Notify X-tensive that you are starting an updatе
    4. Perform an update
    5. Request a new license. If the number of work centers increases the number of drivers, indicate this in the comments to the request.
    6. Install the license
    7. Make sure that all data has started to go from all connected equipment.
    8. Explore new system features


    • Added the "Licenses" module. The connection scheme has been changed, diagnostic information has been added about possible causes of license failure, please indicate the number of created work centers when requesting a license - this parameter will be validated.. 

    • OPC UA DPA server interface. Now you can transfer data to SCADA systems and general workshop control panels via OPC UA. Data transmission can be secured with an x.509 certificate. Activation and configuration of indicators in the monitoring module.

    • Improved log cleaning mechanism. The results of the work are presented in a more visual form. 

    • Added analytics “Dynamics of the cause of downtime”. Analytics 14.5 is based on group equipment and allows you to track how the duration of recorded downtime changed in a given period with a given step in terms of reasons for downtime. 

    • Updated the editor, forecasting for group editing of KPIs. It has become more convenient to transfer contexts from server to server and/or from correspondence with X-tensive experts on the server. 

    • Downloading reports and studying logs of their construction is now equally convenient in all browsers.х 

    • We have added functionality available in the extended module of the Alpha version, if you want to take part in test procedures for activating the alpha version, which we can request from the Service Desk.

  • Version 6.0
    Version /


    • The Master. Displaying the requirement to open a personal shift
    • Fixed display of tasks in the Operator
    • Saving analytics settings 26 - Plan-actual analysis
    • Displaying more than 8 active tasks in the Operator
    • The Master. Fixing tickets


    • Fixed a bug in generating Excel-reports via signals
    • Correction of text and download links for .NET 7 SDK in the installer
    • Optimizing analytics Work center group state
    • Correcting the display of tasks in the Plan-actual analysis
    • Minor localization fixes


    • Added "time zone" parameter to docker containers


    • Fixed missing filter button in dashboards



    • OPC DA data read prohibition


    • Sinumerik. TT errors
    • Fixed a bug where Heidenhain slowed down the start of the DPA server


    • OPCUA Server Configuration Emergensy stop


    • Fixing an error when adding a Windows login method
    • Correction of Signals 2.0 after the update


    • Fixing an update error when there is an additional field of the DateTimeOffset type

    Attention! For version 6.0 to maintain correctly, you need to install the .NET 7 SDK


    • Added Linux support
    • Added Azure AD authentication
    • Microservice Audit. Reworking functionality
    • A new text editor has been added to Signals 2.0, for viewing, comparing and editing CP, as well as for editing scripts
    • New design of the login page
    • Added compatibility with Postgre Pro
    • PostgreSQL. The ability to specify the server name has been added to the installer
    • New way to upload files when creating a program from an analytics Gantt Diagram
    • Installer. Added TrustServerCertificate setting for SQL Server
    • Added functionality for creating extended logs in monitoring
    • Analytics 30. Workload with downtime reasons - added job types
    • Added support for 3D models in FBX format
    • Added option "Automatically classify short emergency stops"
    • Added the ability to view failures that interrupted Excel-report generation
    • Saving reports that was generated by signals
    • Added display of parameters by which Excel-reports were generated
    • Datareon. Added inventory number to data upload
    • KPI. Added display of a list of operations in the storage
    • New component for department selection
    • Added the ability to clear the depatment field in Control programs and products
    • English localization improvements


    • Changes on the page for setting up downloading/uploading of OPCUA CP
    • The window for selecting parameter sets has been redesigned
    • Rework and improvements to the Security section
    • Rework and improvements to the Reports section
    • Installer optimization
    • OPC UA. Added validation of the Port field when adding a driver
    • OPC UA. Added authentication setting
    • Errors about downloading CP are now displayed in the CP downloading journal
    • Fanuc. Download errors are now handled correctly


    • Fixed a bug where downloading a CP from an OPC UA driver caused a TimoutException
    • Fixed display of the error "CP with the same body"
    • Fixed the inability to select an indicator for building a report Indicators via signals
    • Fixed duplication of data in analytics 32 - Corrector log
    • Fixed errors in importing non-standard configurations
    • Fixed a bug with displaying deactivated transport
  • Version 5.9
    Version /


    • Added the name of the CP for the main channel to the analytics Work center group state


    • Fixed a bug with creating snapshots on the OPC UA driver


    • Added DPA localization to Turkish
    • Dornier. Added an error counter to the driver configuration


    • Fixed export of driver settings
    • Fixed how Signals 2.0 work if they have more than one handler
    • OPC UA. Adding two items for the same node with different IndexRange


    • The "Minus N days with time" filter has been added to more analytics


    • Fixed Internal Server Error when creating Control program


    • SINUMERIC. Decoding error texts


    • Fixed localization in Excel reports


    • OPCUA. Determining error text by codes
    • Added a fixed legend size for the WC on the mnemonic dashboard


    • Job export fix


    • An operator can now close the shifts of other operators when opening his own
    • Heidenhain driver update. Improved: connection stability, reading variable values, downloading CP
    • Fixed errors in reading and loading CP from Heidenhain


    • Fixed the requirement to open a personal shift when working with downtimes in the Master
    • Fixes in IFM Driver operation
    • Fixes in the work of additional fields in PostgreSQL


    • Added SYNTEC CNC OPC UA configuration


    • Fixed deleting of state provider when there is an error in a script 


    • PostgreSQL added Precision/Scale for decimal fields


    • Configuration SYNTEC CNC OPCUA
    • Added a check for opened personal shift when trying to classify downtime from the Operator


    • Restoring driver connections after stopping OPC DA
    • Improved loading of analytics of Assessment time
    • Fixed error when classifying downtime in the Master


    • Fixed error when generating the report "Operational state diagram by group"


    • Fixed slowdown when starting DPA Host


    • Refinement of the assembly line configuration
    • OPCUA. Added title to node selection window


    • Added a link to the System assembly to the standard set of assemblies for compilation



    • Fixed bugs when editing a job of the Maintenance type
    • Fixed HaaS MNet config loading


    • Fixed infinite loading on analytics Workload with downtime reasons


    • Fixed bugs when the Operator is selected as the start page


    • Fixed disappearance of drivers from DPA Server
    • Fixed bugs when reopening dashboards


    • Fixed display of short downtime in the Operator
    • Restored function of rotation of 3D models on mnemonic dashboard


    • Added builds for Signals 2.0 scripts


    • 3d dashboards. Rework
    • OPC UA driver. Adding bug fixes
    • Fixed displayng of data of drivers states when using GRPC+IPv6 


    • HaaS drivers download


    • Updated API in Reference Books
    • Updated API for working with Jobs
    • API. Renamed enterprise structure controllers
    • API now works asynchronously with xcel reports
    • Added new state types to the Gantt diagram
    • New additional state type Adjustment on analytics
    • Added display of additional state types on the Operational dashboard
    • New period filter "Minus N days"
    • Unified order of displaying reference books
    • Updated names for  extra fields in accordance with the names of reference books
    • Processing of the mnemonic dashboard(3D models). Added state indication, WC card, state type selector for display, etc.
    • Added the ability to upload previously generated Excel reports
    • In the Upload Wizard, CP uploading with associated subprograms is now available
    • Added the ability to set the name of the CP file
    • Removing links to multiple WCs in parameter sets
    • Overriding Presets on the Work Center
    • Added a standard component for selecting a WC or a group of WCs in job pools
    • Added sorting of the list of downtime reasons in the Operator
    • In the Operator, the list of downtimes has been replaced with tiles
    • Fanuc. Removed completion status of CP "Simple"
    • Configuration for TruPunch-5000
    • Added update of the OPC device tree when the machine is turned on
    • Added node settings for downloading and uploading CP in OPC UA
    • Request queue added to OPC UA driver


    • Jobs 2.0 maximum order renamed to maximum priority
    • Removed analytics 27 and the Production Line Information Excel report. Analytics still available in dashboards
    • Removed analytics Timeline of events. Events are now available on the Gantt diagram
    • Removed WCF transport and MSMQ
    • Removed selection of meshes for highlighting in 3D models
    • Changed department selection component
    • Merged the settings of the Administration and Security sections into the Security section
    • Renamed some security settings
    • Heidenhain. Snapshot Frame text has been removed 
    • If during installation, one of the services was not started, the installation will now continue
    • Now the installer will display a message if a newer version is installed


    • Added a list of supported KPI functions to the API
    • Finalization of the diff function
    • Added filter for shifts with different schedules to analytics and report
    • Added data slices to InfluxDB
    • Background data deletion on InfluxDB
    • Fixed differences in results when saving in Influx and SQL
    • Added display of an error when it is impossible to get the value for individual work centers
    • Data slices are highlighted in a separate column
    • Added priorities for storage operations
    • Added filter by equipment
    • Added context saving with running operations
    • Deleting a context now deletes and undoes its associated operations
    • Added setting for displaying values for WC in analytics and report


    • Fixed several bugs in Reference Books
    • Fixed display of search and string selection in Directories
    • Closing modal windows in directories is now faster
    • Removed an incorrect field in the Reference Book of work centers profiles
    • Added a notification about the impossibility of deleting the message template in use
    • Fixed detection of short downtimes
    • Fixed erroneous titles on DPA pages
    • Fixed errors with the date of modification of the CP file
    • Removed horizontal scroll in Control Programs
    • Fixed display of work centers assigned to CP
    • Fixed requirement to activate MetaTags option when no behavior was set for meta tags
    • Fixed display of tasks of the previous shift in the Operator
    • Fixed display of the current and loaded CP in the Operator
    • Fixed display of skipped tasks in the Operator
    • Fixed display of tickets in grid form in the Master
    • Fixed display of the personnel number in the Master
    • Fixed operation of confirming operator actions. Now only the master assigned to the WC can confirm the actions of the operator
    • Fixed rounding of job duration calculations when taking a job from the pool
    • Fixed report generation error when using Signals
    • Fixed indicator selection component on the Gantt diagram
    • Fixed display of metatags in the Monitoring analytics
    • Fixed connecting users to telegram
    • Fixes and Improvements of Tool Microservice
    • Fixed creation of equipment via API
    • Fixed work center migration
    • Fixed a bug when displaying snapshots in Monitoring did not work when IPv6 was disabled
    • Fixed bug with downloading logs in Monitoring
    • Fixed display of errors in the installer when connecting to PostgreSQL
    • Fixed bug with starting DPA Server
    • S7 mechanism for subtracting errors from the machine - now all are subtracted
    • MTConnect Mazak. Fixed bugs in the calculation of the State of the load on the spindle and the speed on the spindle
    • And 30 more imperceptible improvements that will make working with the system noticeably more comfortable
  • Version 5.8
    Version /


    • Fixed display of data from the Tool in Analytics 34 - Corrector log
    • Fixed a bug when deleting a work center when the WC had completed tasks or indicators tied to the parameters of the CP


    • Support for BaltSystem multi-channel machines


    • Extended configuration of Sinumerik OPCUA
    • OPC-UA - L2030 Node tree


    • Creating an MTConnect driver for HAAS
    • Handling a Tool Error on a Network Break
    • Fixed loading CP from Gantt diagram


    • Fixed start page for users without rights to view statistics


    • Updating the downtime list in the Operator
    • Added authorization to all API methods


    • Creation of work center for OPC UA driver on PostgreSQL
    • Corrector journal on PostgreSQL


    • Fixed and improved display of a window with a link to telegram - bot in the user profile
    • Fixed display of the report "Loading of work centers with reasons for downtime"


    • Fixed. DPA Server memory leaks with inactive IFM driver


    • Fixed. Data freeze from Mitsubishi drivers
    • Fixed. BaltSystem driver configuration


    • Fixed export driver and WC with attached events to PostgreSQL


    • Upload Wizard. Improved validator performance when no file is attached to an existing CP


    • Duplicate data when calling API
    • OpcDA unable to create driver
    • Skip Failed Data from DPA Server


    • Button for updating the list of downtime in the Operator


    • Fixed DPA Server startup error with Haas Serial drivers
    • Fixed configuration of Dornier machines
    • KPI. Accounting for machine mode indicators


    • Improvement of the API by jobs


    • Reference book "Downtimes" The option is allowed to be assigned in the operator module now works
    • Fixed work of microservice "Tool" on Postgre


    • Heidenhain driver frame text
    • Filtering by product and CP fields (API)


    • Download CP for OPC UA driver
    • Siemens configuration (tool)


    • Support for byte type indicators


    • Ticket setup


    • Upload Wizard
    • Import job pools
    • Loading CP for OPCUA driver via state machine
    • Improved mechanism for logging snapshots and states
    • Display of the field "Date of modification" of the CP file on the main grid of the CP tab
    • Improved performance of downtime diagram in Operator


    • For tasks of the Maintenance type, the reason is now displayed in the "Name" field


    • Fixed KPI report view
    • Fixed a bug when building analytics "CP useful time %"
    • Fix license error when server service is not running
    • Correction of the display of indicators on the Proccess parameters diagram
    • Dashboard Loading Work Centers Auto Refresh Fix
    • Fixes of the display of the name of the CP on the Gantt diagram
    • Fixes of the reference book Schedules templates
    • Fixes of the display of state diagrams of a group of machines on the extended dashboard
    • When completing a job in Shift-target Job mode, the Operator will now see the remaining jobs in the shift
    • Fixed double scrolling in CP text view mode
    • Fixing errors in reading import files
    • Fixes of the job counter in the Operator
    • Storages, sections and positions are now saved when creating


    • Fixed. Dashboard error "Monitoring statistics. Loading work center"
    • Updating the state of the work center in the Operator


    • Fixed. Non-working search in the Operator


    • Fixed. Host not accepting some GRPC data


    • KPI. Don't use slicers for measures included in a group


    • API fixes for updating product version status and CP


    • Operator workstation did not open on Windows 7


    • Fixes of the report and analytics "Plan-actual analysis"


    • Fixes in OPC UA


    • Fixed: OPC driver does not change its state to "Disabled" even if the machine is not available


    • Fix bugs in OPC UA driver snapshots


    • Corrections to the logic of generating reports


    • Incorrect styles caused some reports to crash


    • Edits for reading Dornier driver parameters


    • Edits for reading Dornier driver parameters


    • Creation of Shift Targets
    • The Operator. Indication of the presence of unmarked downtime
    • Ability to install/uninstall individual DPA components
    • Fixes and innovations in OPC UA
    • If one of the parameters has an unknown validation status, then it will also be unknown for the validation result.


    • Fixed. Possibility of release of Conditionally fit products when permission is turned off
    • Fixed. The depth of the indicator archive is not set
    • Fixed. Typo in header when creating a subprogram
    • Fixed. Operator - tasks run into each other
    • Fixed. Turning the global messenger on and off
    • Fixed. CP search does not work with download error
    • Fixed. Brigades are not created in the corresponding reference book
    • Fixed. Creation of an alert with a non-unique name in tickets is handled incorrectly
    • Fixed. All jobs are not displayed in the Operator's workstation
    • Fixed. Viewing CPdoes not work in the CP downloading journal
    • Fixed. Incorrect DPA logo icon in Operator
    • Fixed. When requesting a list of positions in the user editor, an error
    • Fixed. Operator - replacement of personal shift
    • Fixed. Error generating the report "production line statistics"
    • Fixed. Fanuc CNC Reader for NC and subprograms
    • Fixed. Download CP IBH. generate short path
    • Fixed a bug with the validation of calculated parameters that did not have a link to the indicator


    • Updated the logo in the system and installer
    • Now the operator can watch all tasks for the shift in one window, there is no need to switch between WCs. Implemented import and creation of shift tasks. We will develop new features in version 5.8. 
    • We stopped supporting the old Operator so that you do not have to reconfigure start pages and links in favorites, added automatic redirection
    • We have added the ability to classify several downtimes by one reason in the Master
    • We continue to transfer DPA components to React to make the interface better and more modern. Already transferred: the CP loader, the Period filter in the Master and the indicator selection window in the CP parameters
    • Gave a clear name to data categories that do not fall into the selected Data slice in the KPI analytics, for example "Out of categories"
    • Added the ability to manage the KPI data warehouse in MSSQL and PostgreSQL. And also improved the work of the microservice on this DBMS
    • Added a base indicator for maintenance jobs in KPI
    • Our OPCUA drivers have learned how to read CP from the equipment, now we are testing loading CP onto the machine and reading tool data
    • We started teaching DPA Server to send and receive monitoring data via OPCUA
    • Added a setting to allow subprograms to be loaded onto the equipment. We will test and launch the mechanism soon
    • We started moving to components that will allow you to install DPA on Linux
    • Made more understandable errors for Windows authorization
    • The form for creating jobs has been redesigned, now all types of jobs (for a WC, for a group of WC, for a pool of jobs and without assignment) could be created in a single form
    • You can now specify fractional values in a job when entering a planned quantity. We also improved the procedure for checking data before saving
    • Added the ability to assign jobs to groups of interchangeable equipment, jobs can be launched on any equipment from the group
    • Moved planning into a separate microservice, you won't notice it yet, but it's very important
    • CP parameter sets are now an independent object, we moved them to a separate tab and made a convenient display of all related objects and places of use
    • In the control programs module, you can now see which CPs the subprogram is associated with
    • If you enable the metatags option, the results of their interpretation (names of CPs, products and technologies) will be included in all analytics, as if you had filled in all the reference books
    • Added an integration sign for active versions of control programs, this sign is visible in the CP module, available in the CP loader and displayed in the Operator module, as additional information, the CP file modification date and file name are available. In the CPtransfer log, data is recorded whether the CP was active at the time of download and when the file was created
    • Now, when assigning a work center to a technology stage, the system will tell you if there are conflicts with the data from the "Work Centers" tab of the control program module
    • Added setting for reports in signal handlers. Now you can configure sending reports for each department separately
    • Fixed a security bug. Users who are denied access to individual WCs through the enterprise structure will no longer see information about the Tool on this WC
    • Now, after deleting the WCfrom the enterprise structure, all properties on the right side of the screen immediately disappear without refreshing the page
    • We designed and implemented the analytics Correctors Log. The analytics gets machine data about all changes in the binding of correctors
    • In the xml import methods for adding СP and versions, you can now explicitly specify the file format
    • XML import methods for adding CPs and versions now support loading associated parameter sets
    • XML import methods for adding CPs and versions now support loading associated subprograms
    • Added subprogram import methods


    • When unloading the "complex dashboard by department" report, the list of departments is displayed only if a similar filter was specified on the analytics before unloading
    • All analytics for the Tool were collected on the "Tools" tab
    • Removed unnecessary indents in the Gantt diagram, it became even more pleasant to look at the data
    • When creating new entries in the subprogram refernce book, an inactive version is now created, just as it has always been in the CP module
    • Made the same set of buttons when editing forms - removed the cancel button
    • Now, if you have imported many tasks and there was an error in the part of xml-packages, all the correct packages will be loaded, and we will inform you about the errors of the remaining ones separately
    • Microservices now support delayed start
    • Improved work with time zones for systems where servers and users are in different time zones. Nothing needs to be configured, just update the system
    • User-invisible improvements to Host mechanisms
    • User-invisible improvements in configuration file format
    • Improvements in the operation of notification mechanisms that are invisible to the user when validating sets of CP parameters
    • Invisible to users improvements in the signals module, now the code looks even better
    • Removed artifacts from old OPCUA builds
    • Removed the "details per cycle" indicator for the Fanuc driver, it was needed for debugging and will no longer confuse users
    • Removed VISOM, Syntec and Fagor drivers. We will return it when we complete work on supporting cross-platform


    • Fixed a problem in the Complex dashboard by department, now the current day always in the distribution diagram
    • In the Monitoring analytics, the duration of Maintenance and Innovation is now always correctly displayed
    • Fixed a bug with the display of indicators on the Gantt diagram when scaling
    • Fixed the display of the Gantt diagram when the browser window is not in full screen mode
    • Fixed problems with loading CP into the reference book from the Gantt diagram
    • Restored the functionality of the redirect from web notifications to the Gantt diagram
    • Timeline diagram now always shows the correct time for all event types
    • Fixed a bug with displaying the view of the text of the CP in the history of changes to the CP
    • Fixed the error of viewing the history of changes to the CP after creation
    • Fixed filters in the CP loader selector. By the way, the size of the selector can be changed by dragging so that all fields are clearly visible
    • Fixed problems when renaming CP parameter sets
    • Fixed a problem with deleting WCs associated with a technology stage
    • Reports with empty filters are now generates without errors
    • Fixed error displaying the name of the WC in the journals with empty filters
    • Restored the buttons for manual start for clearing journals  
    • Fixed the error of linking the schedule of the production site or WC to the parent schedule
    • Restored the function of migration of work centers in the Enterprise structure
    • Fixed an error in importing logging settings when importing a driver configuration
    • Fixed an issue with viewing user actions and user sessions
    • Fixed a bug when, in the presence of several deviations from the norms when working on a job, not all reasons were requested from the operator
    • Fixed display of license errors when using two or more DPA servers
    • Fixed errors when choosing a local user to start services in the DPA installer
    • Fixed a problem with the broken checkbox "Use parameters from the previous installation" in the installer
    • The DPA service is now removed with any system removal options
    • Fixed bugs that were invisible to users
    • During the full testing of the system, we fixed 84 errors that you will never know about
  • Version 5.7
    Version /


    • No Control Program  text in Technology Diagram
    • Events from server did not reach host
    • Fixed. Fanuc. 0i-mf. Connecting and loading Control Programs 
    • Fixed. Display password
    • Optimizing Query Selection of the Current Machine Control Program


    • Fanuc. System name of the Control Program 
    • Custom data delay added for indicators in KPI
    • Api upgrade 


    • Installer fix  
    • Fixing the Excel KPI Report
    • Fix the Control Program  download error via IBH link


    • Mazak CNC connection via MITSUBISHI driver type
    • Flow chart - indicators were loaded very slowly
    • Installer localization was incorrectly determined when upgrading DPA
    • GRPC Received message larger than max


    • Incorrect driver did not log errors
    • Error creating S7 driver
    • Bug fixed when exporting driver configuration
    • There was no author of the change in the "History of changes in Control Program"
    • Analyst Fixes Release Analysis
    • When loading Control Program to Fanuc - error "Driver does not support Control Program loading"
    • Added Multiselect when adding users/adding to a group
    • Fixed tool display in Gantt Diagram
    • Manual input results were not saved correctly
    • Fix "Select Control Program" button in Operator’s Automated Workstation
    • Mazak MTconnect State Calculation Error
    • KPI Postgre SQL 9.6. Error in construction of analytics
    • Bug fixes in UserActionLog
    • Driver activation failed
    • Cursor Fix on Gantt Diagram in Mozilla
    • Floating Point Job Components are now considered correct
    • Retry SQL Server Access When KPI Starts
    • Showing Indicators in Gantt Diagram
    • Excel KPI Report Formatting Bug Fixed
    • Fixing the Parent Schedule
    • Patch Rendering Add. Status in Monitoring
    • Minimizing Errors on Gantt Diagram
    • Pass the results of metatags to analysts
    • Siemens. Added standard configuration with axle coordinates
    • Fanuc configuration to calculate release by macro


    • Signal script 2.0 check for R-registers in the Control Program text
    • KPI. Finalizing the data cut report
    • In the module signals when adding the report "Final distribution" added the period of formation "Yesterday"


    • No error text on HH iTNC
    • Citizen driver configuration
    • MTConnect. Configuration
    • MTConnect Mazak fails to import configuration
    • MTConnect Machines in an indefinite state when the machine is turned off
    • Analytics "Loading a Work Centre Group Vertical" Time Format on a Diagram  
    • Sinumerik OPCUA "fade" data
    • KPI. No xls report with cuts formed
    • KPI. In the xls report with cuts were assigned different colors for the same tag  


    • Determination of the condition of the Siemens machine with the shop
    • The KPI Analytics does not match the colors.
    • After restarting the host, the access rights settings for microservice disappear
    • KPI does not transfer data to UI
    • Driver Configurations for Citizen


    • Web-application of dashboard KPI
    • Dashboard element KPI 
    • Ability to manage target time through import


    • Optimize Operator Automated Workstation Performance
    • Localization of Control Program Settings Check Errors was fixed 
    • Report Generation Bug, Analytics 12 - Booting Workcenters Group
    • Fixed incorrect system language during installation.
    • Fixed automatic classification of downtime
    • Fixed release registration for inactive task
    • Fixed configuration for Mitsubishi: wrong type in SpindleLoad.HighLoad?
    • Fixed error text on HH iTNC
    • Fixed broken link to Management programs from technology
    • Fixed Store Analytics. No tool side code displayed
    • Fixed an error while creating a handler in Signals 2.0
    • Fixed: Fanuc - tool does not read
    • Fixed: Fanuc - not logged events


    • Filters for reports in signals are extended
    • Added tool number on Fanuc


    • Fixed bugs in snapshots after adding (HH NCK 620)
    • HAAS MTConnect Fixes
    • Fixed connection of CNC Mazak via driver type MITSUBISHI
    • Error correction in OPC UA
    • Fixed the use of scrollbar on dashboards
    • Fixed Import of Control Programs (Work Center Binding)
    • Unloading time in release analysis fixed
    • Fixed output count on counter
    • Fixes Analytics "Gantt Diagram"
    • MTConnect Mazak. New options added
    • MTConnect Mazak. Fixed indicator names
    • MTConnect Mazak. Indicator tool


    • Data Operations in Influx
    • Performance filters 
    • Fixed timeout when generating KPI report with cuts
    • Correction of error generation in experimental mode when adding microservice  



    • Added indication of non-essential license
    • Added HAAS MOXA Serial to Ethernet
    • KPI. Data operations in SQL
    • Metatags, System Name of fanuc Management Programs


    • DPA Host Startup Optimization
    • Optimization of some OPCUA servers
    • Fix Messenger Errors. Message Queue Hang
    • Comparison of Control Programs: Mixed Text of the Downloaded Control Program and Directory
    • Fixed operator output in report "Classification of causes of idle time"
    • Fixed. Opc oNck: /DriveVsa/state/load - incorrect data type
    • Fixed release of machine data on operator’s APM for dual channel machines
    • Fixes in SiemensOperateSLD
    • Fixed creation of snapshots for OPC UA via UI
    • In driver connection manually changed the selection of fields for HAAS MOXA Serial


    • Analyst 7.1 is renamed 7
    • Directory "Control Program Type" renamed to "Program Types"
    • When creating a Subroutine, now the default is the program type "Production"
    • Analytics 26 is moved to "Panels"
    • Added hardware filter to the Control Programs tab of the Control Programs module


    • Fixed bug with UserActionLog upgrade from 5.5.10 to 5.6.0
    • Fixed bug with driver creation
    • No data was displayed in dashboards after the upgrade
    • Misprint when creating context
    • Total distribution. Data of the pie charts in the unloading period
    • Fixed indicator hang on Gantt Chart
    • Analyst 26 was restored 
    • Advanced dashboard with analytics 2 fixed
    • Fixed display of indicator parameter name in signals
    • Fixed incorrect processing of All value in hardware when describing trigger in signals
    • Fixed bugs in the Control Program Loader module, Program Manager Directory
    • Fixed analytics Task analysis
    • Fixes tools and tool analytics presets
    • Fixed. State scripts fail if they use snapshot.GetArrayData()
    • Fixed. Siemens.DDE does not work GetDeviceConfiguration


    • Fixes on HAAS MTConnect driver
    • Fixes on OPC UA
    • Fixes on S7 driver
    • Fixed indicators for modules


    • Active tool in analysts
    • OPCUA Siemens config
    • Added loading of Control programs for Balt-Systems


    • Zero duration of Program Manager cycles in analysts
    • When configuring a machine that was off-line was removed from Monitoring
    • KPI Microservice Hangs While Building Analytics
    • Incorrect recording of output and definition of technology by Program Manager
    • "No matches found" in the "URL" field when creating OPC Client
    • Error Converting Events to HOST
    • Gantt chart dashboard auto update
    • Fixes a bug where after the machine is turned on, the snappers have crashed
    • Fix an error when a DPA server unexpectedly shuts down
    • No change in data for Monitoring’s snares and states
    • Gantt diagram incorrectly drawn indicators
    • Incorrect driver addition fixed
    • Services Dpahost - Dpa Server doesn’t start after maintenwindow server


    • Commit timeline and filter string on analytics
    • Processing of hyphens in metatag value
    • Agent for PrimaPower laser -> OPCUA
    • Displaying Metatags on Gantt Diagram
    • Improvements when working with OPC UA server
    • When creating Control Programs, the default is now "Production"
    • Finalization of the parameters of the Control Programs
    • Now it is possible to edit the names of the fields
    • Active tool
    • The Control Program for Virtual Machines is updated


    • Fixed display of the scale on dashboards
    • Deactivated users are no longer visible when assigned to ticket
    • Fixed bug on LC2 and LC7 libchers while loading management programs
    • Fixed GRPC error when adding a virtual server
    • Gantt’s link to the Control Program now leads to the new Control Program module, not the old one
    • Fixed error text when trying to remove Control Program referenced by technology
    • Date Localization in Program Managers
    • Localization of module name "Signals 2.0" was fixed
    • Fixed display of timeline in final distribution
    • Automated Workstation Operator 2.0 - no comment was saved for the reason of suspension
    • Host Server Transport Errors Fixed
    • Dornier driver bugs fixed


    • Added ability to specify individual Work Centres in unit analysts
    • Adding APM 2.0 to the dashboard.
    • Automated Workstation Operator added hyphens in job description
    • Add Comment to Job Export
    • Customizable intervals of "Monitoring" analytics


    • Fixed display of indicators
    • Fixed scrolling in auto-substitution (KPI)
    • Fixed incorrect message detection from Fanuc desk
    • Fixed the display of the timeline on the final distribution
    • The Program Manager Editing Button is Missing
    • The dashboard for the start page is not displayed


    • fix OPC UA connection
    • fix configuration for laser 3030
    • fix connection to DPA Server
    • DPA Server boot optimization
    • DPA Host boot optimization

    Attention! Some of the scripts in "Signals 2.0" may stop working. When upgrading clients with configured scripts, it is recommended to ask for support in X-tensive.


    • Presets of measurements in tool settings
    • Support for OPC UA driver
    • Management programs, technologies and products from reference books are transferred to separate modules
    • Parameter Sets for Control Programs
    • List of subprogrammes in the Control Program module
    • Formulas for validation of Control Program parameters
    • Support metatags in Control Programs


    • Analysts sorting by section has been changed
    • In the signals the response time is separated from the event time
    • Analysts 7 and 24 adjusted


    • Installer Minor Fixes
    • Fixed an error when too many transports were created on an empty base
    • Control Program created through analytics Gantt diagram saved without file
    • Fixed a bug with adding media files to technology
    • Correction of task time calculation
    • The status of Heidenhain hardware was not displayed
    • Fixed a bug with no release on Sinumerik hardware
    • Correction of data loss for database update period
  • Version 5.6
    Version /


    • Fix Failed Integration after Upgrade
    • Analytics Adjustment 24
    • Custom ReadTimeout added for Dornier driver
    • Export/Import Configuration
    • As well as minor changes and fixes


    • Cutting off by the time, support gate function in auto-completion
    • Correction of the missing Work Centre and Time filter in the KPI dashboard


    • Corrections of analyst "Control program % Useful Time"
    • Correction of the "Norm Rating Allocation" analyst

      The methods of computing the machine and net time 7 and 24 analysts were completely redesigned.

      Important: the new mathematics described in help2 will be applied to all cycles of the program managers completed after the upgrade.



    • fix Siemens S7 driver
    • Bug fix when hardware renaming was not included in Signals 
    • Not all indicators were read in Heidenhain ITNC
    • fix hang hh
    • fix KPI INFLUX
    • Fixing Reports with English Locale
    • RabbitMQ Integration Job Removal Data from DPA
    • Signals - maintain time periods of type 20:00 - 06:00
    • and other small changes  




    • Fixed display of KPI analytics on advanced dashboards


    • APM Operator v.2.0 fixed display number of products
    • Fixed analysis display 18 "Monitoring" for a certain period of time
    • Analytics 33 "Shop" added instrument data
    • Support for Influx 2.x in KPI


    • Fixed an error when the description of the task was not changed when the task was re-imported
    • Fixed an upgrade bug with two DPA servers
    • HAAS Serial, BUSY and TimeOut processing


    • Correction of calculations on Analytics "Control programs % of the useful time"
    • 2 output counter accounting scenarios
    • Fixed bugs with advanced dashboard
    • Fixed display of indicators on analytics "Gantt diagram"

    • New summary release report



    • Mitsubishi: Incorrect release registration
    • Removed fraction of seconds on normal rating allocation 
    • CNC correction Siemens 840D "Unknown" system bugs were not read
    • Virtual driver - manual mode
    • Spindle Load Fixation on Fanuc in OEE
    • Summary Release Report
    • OEE - Download Defect Data from SAP 
    • Fixes output counters without Control Programs
    • Siemens Configuration Fixes  


    • Tags on Jobs display fixes
    • Errors in finding jobs in the Operator’s Automated Workstation
    • SiemensOperateSLD release counter failed to download


    • Fix an error when performance counters disappeared after the upgrade
    • No Control Programs text in Flow Chart
    • Query optimization
    • Automated Workstation Operator markup fix
    • Bug fixes in Heidenhain driver
    • HaasSerial driver bug fixes
    • Automated Workstation Operator - Release dialog - field names
    • Fixed a bug when DPA Server was not added during a new DPA installation
    • Error logging into the Operator’s Automated Workstation


    • Basic value operating mode
    • Fixes and Improvements in KPI


    • Optimized upgrade
    • Report and analyst corrections
    • Fix an upgrade bug with two DPA servers
    • Removing BaltSystem Logs

    Attention! If version 5.6.0 is installed before 5.5.19, the first run and database update may take a long time, due to the update of the indicators.


    • New Operator’s Automated Workstation
    • The new Operator’s Automated Workstation is located in Operator v2.0. The previous Operator’s Automated Workstation remains in place.

    • New report "Summary Report on Operators"

    • In the job creation form now there is a link to the technology stage

    • New Access Rights for Viewing and Configuring Instrument Panels

    • Added multiple Workcenter selection on "Processing Programs" Analytics
    • New type of "Implementation" job
    • Creating Jobs for Multiple Workcenters with a Single Button
    • Getting scripts from base and git for 2.0 signals


    • If the output is negative, the batches are corrected
    • Implementation added to analytics
    • Added grouping by subdivisions on analytics "Working Center Group Status", "Monitoring", "Operation Diagram"
    • Archival technology is now visible by name
    • Long errors in Signals 2.0 are now minimized
    • Personal changes are now closed when you delete a user


    • Added automatic formula completion in the editor 
    • Option to add additional formulae for individual Work Centers
    • Average value calculation function
    • Result grouping added
    • Optional retention of baselines and calculations into the database

    • New basic value for Work Centre production


    • Fixed bugs in master's Automated Workstation when no tickets were displayed and detailed information about Work Center
    • Correction of incorrect time display in Operator’s APM
    • Russian characters are now displayed correctly when viewing Control Programs
    • Display additional fields in the "Teams" directory
    • Optimized "Final Distribution" reports from Reports and Analytics
    • Correction of the Control Programs text in the Technology Diagram
    • Fixed a bug with opening "Filters" page in ticket setting
    • Fixed a bug with cloning technology version to which several files were attached
    • Fixing the Dashboard "Final Distribution. Distribution of the Group of Workcenters"
    • Bug fix when HeidenHain driver did not respond in TNCRemo after configuration update
    • Correction of the "Tool" log operation
    • Fixed indicator selection when editing dashboards
    • Bug Fix in Excel Analytics Report Gantt Diagram
    • Fix file and indicator directory name when creating
    • Bug fix when the list of channels used in the common state was not working correctly
    • Multiple indicator selections removed on analytics Indicators
    • To display the Control Programs view and comparison in analysts on the main page
    • Now on analytics "Final distribution" the correct colors are displayed
    • Several bugs in UserActionLog microservice fixed
  • Version 5.5
    Version /


    • fix Mitsubishi, HH, Haas, S7
    • DowntimeInfo recovery
    • fix PerfomanceCounters


    • Correction of error with unloading of service number of operator
    • Correction of Operator Development Report
    • S7 fix
    • HH fix
    • Haas fix
    • Fanuc config fix


    • fix Mitsubishi/Citizen protocol
    • fix Siemens S7 protocol
    • configuration update for Mayer&Cie
    • fix Fanuc driver
    • Correction of the formation of the report on the development of operators for the weaving section for previous periods


    • fix Citizen configuration
    • fix Siemens S7 protocol
    • configuration completion for Mayer&Cie


    • Haas
    • Siemens
    • Citizen


    • Gantt Analytics Excel Report Fix
    • Correction of analyst Allocation of valuation standard


    • Okuma Config
    • Bug Fixes with Control Programs
    • Bug Fix in signals
    • Bug Fix with Postgre


    • Gantt’s Long Boot Fix
    • Including the whole task in the new Excel report plan-factual analysis(v2)


    • On Gantt now short segments "Undefined" merge with segments "Off"
    • Deviations in output recording on machines


    • New Summary Excel Operator Report
    • New Excel report plan-factual analysis(v2)
    • Changing the configuration on Mazak


    • Canceling Queries to sql in Case of Cancellation of Query in Analytics
    • HH: Snapshot Request turn
    • Deviations in output recording on machines
    • Mazak: Changing States



    • New Dashboard Type Workcentre Loading

    • Improvements on Excel report plan-factual analysis

    • New hardware selection added to ticket setting





    • Fix to reset bundle of scripts in 2.0 signals

    • Correction of import of components when importing technology

    • Instrument Panel Fix Current Status of Working Centre

    • Fixing Ticket Sorting in the master’s Automated Workstation




    • Confirmation of operator’s actions through the Master’s Automated Workstation




    • Dashboard Stats for 4 hours

    • Dashboard Classification of reasons for downtime




    • Added new job type Implementation

    • New KPI production basic value according to the Working Center

    • Confirmation of operator’s actions through the Master’s Automated Workstation


    • Definition of Heidenhain iTNC530

    • Fixed an error while loading Suspension/Skip directory

    • Analytics Accounting for downtime of the work center. Fixed an error while loading

    • Fixed errors with tickets in Master’s and Operator’s Automated Workstation

    • Display of Russian characters when comparing Control Programs

    • Fixed bugs while saving mnemoschemas on dashboards

    • Fixed an error while loading the Automated Workstation master




    • Reading data from laser

    • Search jobs by barcode and title




    • Reading data from Fanuc lasers

    • Bug fix when no reports were generated from signals

    • Fix many bugs in KPI




    • Bug fixes and minor improvements




    • Optimization of Analytics Monitoring

    • Analytics Optimization Rating Allocation

    • Anomaly Notifications in Analytics Rating Rating Rating Norms

    • Analytics Plan-factual analysis - added display of causes with extra. time

    • Ability to group downtime by type and display states that are not downtime on 3 pie chart in analytics Final distribution

    • View Release Comments in Analysis Job Analysis

    • In analytics report "Final Distribution" now displays Work Center and Divisions on the main page

    • Batches to the Operator’s Automated Workstation

    • Ability to import users with the addition of Operator/Master/Specialist rights and their assignment to machines

    • Signal copying capability

    • Debugging information about context in KPI Analytics

    • Downloading a KPI Report from an Analyst

    • Added Signals 2.0




    • The behaviour of shift filters has been changed in the Operator’s Automated Workstation. The filter displays the current data for this change, and the filter "previous" displays the data for the previous shift 

    • Analytics The plan-actual analysis from the duration subtracts the time of pauses

    • Version 5.5 adds rights to analytics, reports, statistics and monitoring. By default enabled only for Administrator, after the upgrade, you need to add users or user groups to view analytics, reports, and more




    • Filter by user name in microservice User actions

    • Fixed incorrect time display in DPA in some cases

    • Added date/time format field for some conditions in signal triggers

    • Correction of errors related to the stage of technology Data entry

    • Error correction in installer 

    • Fixed incorrect display of "Undefined" status in analysts on main page

    • Fixed comparison of the texts of the Control Programs in the Operator’s Automated Workstation

    • Added a master login/password check in the Operator’s Automated Workstation before selecting reasons for skipping

    • Report improvement


    !Microservice accounting tool ToolManagement


    • Localization added

    • Ability to rename imported build

    • Tool ID generation

    • Added module "Tool Configuration"

    • Tool movement

    • Registration of a new tool in stock


    As well as other bug fixes and minor improvements



    • Mnemoschema Saving Correction
    • Adding checkboxes for indicators
    • MTConnect - fix
    • Signals 2.0 create folders in directory
  • Version 5.4
    Version /


    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    • Opening a change by the operator is displayed as the last action on the Monitoring analytics
    • Game information added to Task analysis
    • The job creation form now displays reserved party items
    • View Release Comments in Analysis Job Analysis
    • In the Operator’s Automated Workstation window the operator can now see open changes of operators and masters
    • Added "Require comment for good parts" setting
    • Display of "Technologist Support" feature in the Operator’s Automated Workstation


    • New type of document for "Setup Card"
    • Taking into account the consumption of lots of materials in the production of products on assignments 
    • Displaying downloaded subroutines on Gantt


    • Revision of the Excel report (Use of Machine Time Fund) for Analytics Final Distribution
    • Fixes to Equipment Selection in KPI


    Fix Mitsubishi download/upload files

    Fixes in KPI



    Fix Mitsubishi download/upload files



    Fix Mitsubishi download/upload files



    • New document type to specify


    • Mitsubishi driver patch


    • New setting of prohibition of re-release including defects
    • Error display "Incorrect login/password" with incorrect password/login


    • Analytics 32. Loading of workcenters. Fixed display of percent and signature to X axis

      Hotfix Dornier driver

    • HeidenhainDriver patch: connection logging



    • Fix Siemens Connection Closure
    • Mitsubishi program path
    • Fixed display of downtime in operator


    • Fixed: Siemens connection closure


    • Import Improvement
    • Fix an error in the installer when selecting the DPA Host url on Windows Server 2008 R2


    • Fixed bugs with missing "Select" and "Cancel" buttons in the user selection grid
    • Fixed idle filter in operator module
    • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to specify the reasons for the downtime on Gantt. Now the form of the statement of reasons opens faster
    • 18 analysts were optimized. Monitoring
    • Fixed a bug with displaying indicators from another machine on Gantt
    • Added Report Download button in KPI Analytics
    • Incorrect data display on analytics 32 fixed. Workcenter loading
    • Import task identifier added to import


    • Hardware access settings


    Starting with version 5.3.0, you must install DPA:

    ASP.NET Core Runtime 5.0  

    .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0

    • Display of HID Licenses in Enterprise Structure
    • Managing Technology Versions through Integration
    • Uploading comments to reasons and release to Operator Automated Workstation
    • User deactivation
    • Import Job and Employee Lists


    • A message is now displayed on the KPI or UserActionLog microservice pages if the user has no rights to view
    • When synchronizing the KPI microservice, users in the Administrators group automatically get all rights


    • Fixed upgrade errors on PostgreSQL databases
    • Fixed the display of the norm on the distribution diagram of the norm assessment for the technological operation
    • Fixes with Worker Centers Selection on Analysts

      Fixes with Working Centers Selection in Technologies

    • Fixing errors when importing technologies
    • Fixed bug with double messages in messenger
  • Version 5.3
    Version /


    • Fix of Import Job 
    • Fix of selection of work centers in analysts


    • Correction of technology import 
    • Fix an Unexpected DPA Host Drop
    • Reading Data by Arrays in Siemens
    • In the installer you can now select UseRunDPAMessenger when installing


    • Fix to read program number on Fanuc
    • Siemens tool configuration fix


    • Error correction in installer and norm rating distribution diagrams


    • Installation bug fixes and other minor improvements

    !A new microservice for telegram messaging

    • The history of dispatches and messages by all transports (SMS/Email/Web/Telegram) is now displayed in the Messenger section
    • Test messages are moved to Messenger
    • Settings for SMS and Email sent to microservice settings


    • Settings to Prevent Negative Release by Operator
    • Possibility of adding a comment by the operator when selecting reasons from the directory
    • Ability to transfer missed jobs
    • Display of information about the availability of Control Programs, Technical Documentation and Design Documentation in the Automated Operator Workstation for imported tasks
    • Job Sorting Filter in the Operator’s Automated Workstation 

      Setting for Operator Output Deviation Criteria


    • Added functions for working with fractional values
    • KPI report can now be attached to signal handler


    • Change the Task Mapping Settings for the Period in the Operator Automated Workstation
    • Renamed setting to run a task out of order  
    • Changing the selection of indicators
    • Localization of indicators added


    • Improved Circular Analysis and Report for Downtime, Factoring 
    • Improved reports Load a group of machines. Horizontal, Group state, Final distribution
    • All reports can now be sent via signals
    • Message Log Analytics now displays the Category column
    • Fixed a bug when Gantt did not display an indicator with history for the last period of time 
    • Fixed a bug with displaying indicators on Gantt with null value
    • Fixed some bugs in installer
  • Version 5.2
    Version /


    • Bug fixes and other minor improvements to Mitsubishi


    • Bug fixes and other minor hardware protocol improvements


    • Improved performance counters
    • The analysts of 19 "Distribution of the Status of the Group of Workcenters" and 13 "Loading of the Group of Workcenters have been optimized. Horizontal"
    • Added setting to take account of schedule when calculating duration of job 
    • Added possibility to ban overproduction in the Operator’s Office
    • Fixed bugs with display of some indicators


    • Ability to group indicators, snapshots, driver states and events
    • Change the configuration of Siemens with the tool
    • Analytics 24. Rating rating allocation - accounting for all completed programs
    • Fixed the form of adding/editing a job
    • Citizen machine support with Mitsubishi controller


    • Improved KPI Excel Report 
    • Improved tooltips in Operator and master Automated Workstation
    • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


    • DPA support on PostgreSQL
    • New equipment selection with profile creation 
    • Assignment of ranges to indicators and their display in dashboards "Process Diagram" and "Indicator Value Panel"
    • New report "Production Line Statistics"
    • Chat on tickets to the Master’s Automated Workstation and the Operator’s Automated Workstation
    • Unloaded tasks now have information about the operator
    • Ability to add a document reference when importing a task into DPA


    • Option to select a format for displaying derived indicators
    • New Excel Report on KPI


    • Change of the order of sorting of work centers in the structure of enterprise, in the Master’s and Operator’s APM
    • Renamed  setting of run job out of order


    • Improved analytics "Final distribution"
    • Report indicators can now be formed by several indicators
    • Improved ticket setup
    • Ticket type names have been increased
    • Ability to add a new 3D model through enterprise structure
    • New shift selection in some analysts
    • Added new Control Programs status values that were not previously displayed in logs and analysts
  • Version 5.1
    Version /


    Popup Tips in the Automated Workstation Operator

    Labels for jobs about creating them (manually and imported)

    Display of Task Substatus Author in Operator’s Automated Workstation 


    You can no longer create jobs in the past period

    Changes to the order of tasks for the operator: the operator can start any of the suspended tasks, the first of the missed and the first of the not started tasks 

    It is now possible to use letters in service numbers

    Other minor improvements



    To display missed tasks for rescheduling

    BasicHttp(realm) and NTLM/Negotiate are supported


    Fixed definition of operators in Automated Workstation master

    • Fixed a bug with moving the task when another task was started on the Work Center
    • Fixed bugs with addition of Control Programs version via Gantt Diagram
    • Other minor improvements


    • Ability to display in iframe mode
    • Moving operations from one Work Centre to another Work Centre


    • Add Transition to Specialist Automated Workstation to Dashboard
    • Unloaded task files now contain information about the operator
    • Fixed Control Program Analysis Work % Useful Time
    • Fixed the bug of page switching in the Products grid


    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    New in KPI : context cloning , naming derived indicators in Russian, restarting context with one button, improving UI and others


    • New report "Loading Workcenters with Reasons of Downtime"
    • Display the Task Comment in the master Automated Workstation
    • Now all equipment is called "Work Center"
    • Completion of job creation, new way of selecting technologies, products and management programs
    • Separation of signal operation by changing the cause of downtime
    • Customize signals to accommodate the change
    • Reassigning a ticket to another master by the manager
    • New ticket table in the master Automated Workstation with filtering and sorting capabilities

    !Important changes

    • You can no longer add "Excel Reports" widget to the extended dashboard
    • You Can No More Create a Non-zero Task of "Setup" Type
    • When creating a task, the duration of the task is considered from the specified number of products
    • In the handbook "Names of shifts" it is necessary to put the sign "Working time"
    • The "Assign Control Program" button in the Technology Editor is now available when at least one hardware is selected

    • Also other bug fixes and other minor improvements

  • Version 5.0
    Version /


    Hardware modules


    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    Bug fixes and other minor improvements



    KPI Microservice with two new analysts (KPI and KPI Time Chart) to track performance. 

    VNC Remote Desktop Microservice + New Analytics Screen Capture.

    Revamped settings and synchronization of microservices. Now, all micro services of their status and settings can be viewed in the UI in settings.


    • New Analyst Task Analysis 
    • New Analytics Hardware Loading (with reasons for downtime and setup) 
    • New report "Daily Hardware Load" 
    • New DPA Page Cap 
    • New notification tag with ticket status change time 
    • New required fields when creating users 
    • Optimized Machine Group Status Report 
    • Showing Split Causes of Gantt Exceedance 
    • Maximal period of analytics "Final distribution" has been increased 
    • In analysts on the main page added display of hardware in the state "undefined" 
    • Added filter and division of Control Programs in analysis 3 "Machine state by frequency-duration of occurrence"
    • Icon for Gantt operation too fast/slow 
    • Added Assigned master in Tickets 
    • When creating a task, the "hardware" field is now mandatory when the date is specified. And vice versa
    • Ability to add a button to go externally in dashboards 
    • Now it is possible to upload information about postponed tasks
    • Possibility to start a personal shift for operators in the Automated Workstation Operator
    • Ability to assign a change of operator for equipment in the Master’s Automated Workstation
    • New setting for displaying pending tasks in the Operator’s Automated Workstation
    • New setting to disable/allow production when other job pauses 
    • Tasks with substatus "Skipped" are no longer counted in the order of execution 
    • Other Automated Workstation Operator Improvements 
    • Optimized UI

    !Bug Fixes


    • Incorrect display of 3D-models in enterprise structure and mnemoschemas in dashboards fixed 
    • Fixed an error when the report "Indicators" was not formed during the selected period 
    • Fixed an error when the report "Final Distribution" was not uploaded with the same analysis 
    • Now, when no hardware is selected in "Monitoring Statistics" analytics, no graphics are displayed 
    • Fixed the display of legend on analytics "Release analysis" 
    • Fixed an error when creating a job through the Edge browser 
    • SMS templates can be deleted again 
    • Activation button actions added in Monitoring 
    • Fixed an error when the exported task start file, after it was suspended, contained the first task start time 
    • Fixed a bug when the Analytics "Rating rating distribution" did not open for previous months 
    • Improved filter function in "Norm Rating Allocation" analysis 
    • Fixed an error, when in Analytics "Classification of the causes of downtime"(15.1) the cause of downtime was not summed with TOP&R 
    • Fixed ticketing references in notifications. Now they lead to tickets in Automated Workstation master 
    • Timers in signals are now triggered by server time 
    • Fixed bugs when importing technologies
  • Version 4.12
    Version /


    New report "Daily Hardware Load"


    • Improved 14 Analytics Loading Machine Group. Circular
    • Improved hardware loading reports
    • Improved reports on loading of group of machines
    • Optimized UI

    Technology: Improved technology import process.


    Release Analysis: Made changes to Output Analysis Analytics to display data correctly.



    Analytics: developed a new analytics "Tasks. Gantt diagram".

    The analyst provides information on tasks on machines with the indication of planned and actual output data and deadlines.


    The possibility of transferring the Control Programs to a network folder was realized. The following options were added:

    - specifies where to transfer the Control Program (to the machine or to the network folder).

    - Specifies the network folder address.

    - Specify whether to clear the network folder from other Control Programs after transfer


    Link to new . xsd schemes for version 4.12 used for xml integration.


    Reports. In the report section, you have redesigned the report generation interface.

    At this point, when you click on the report line, a pop-up window appears that selects the parameters for the report.


    The DPA system has begun the transition to microservice architecture.

    Created the first micro-service responsible for storing data of user’s actions.

    Added to the standard installer data on setting the microservice UserActionLog (user registration).

    For users who have been enabled to configure how to save user activities, you must perform the following actions after upgrading, but BEFORE UPGRADING THE DATABASE:

    1. In the folder - C: Program Files X-tensive DPA Host Utilities unpack the archive.

    2. Run the file DPA.DataTransferUtil.exe with the following arguments ' --dataSourceFrom "localhost\SQLEXPRESS" --initialCatalogFrom "x-tensive-DPA" --dataSourceTo "localhost\SQLEXPRESS" --initialCatalogTo "DPA.UserActionsLog" --transferType "UserActionLog" '

    "localhost\SQLEXPRESS" - Specifies the database management system server used for DPA.

    "x-tensive-DPA" - a reference to the database version used.

    "localhost\SQLEXPRESS" - Reference to the database management system server to be used for the micro-service.

    "DPA.UserActionsLog" - the name of the database for the new microservice specified when you installed DPA.


    DataSourceFrom      '-a'  ' --dataSourceFrom'      Source data source of migration from database.

    InitialCatalogFrom  '-s'  ' --initialCatalogFrom'  Initial catalog of migration from database.

    UserNameFrom        '-d'  ' --userNameFrom'        Database user name of migration from.

    PasswordFrom        '-f'  ' --passwordFrom'        Database password of migration from.


    DataSourceTo        '-z'  ' --dataSourceTo'        Source data source of migration from database.

    InitialCatalogTo    '-x'  ' --initialCatalogTo'    Initial catalog of migration from database.

    UserNameTo          '-c'  ' --userNameTo'          Database user name of migration from.

    PasswordTo          '-v'  ' --passwordTo'          Database password of migration from.


    TransferType        '-t'  ' --transferType'        Transfer type.



    Developed the ability to read a frame of Control Programs.

    Added the ability to read a frame of Control Programs in driver configuration.

    The frame number and the text of the frame of the Control Programs are displayed in the indicators of the analyst.

    CNC machining, providing reading of the frame of the Control Programs:






    When creating a task, the ability to attach a comment was added. 


    Technologies: added display of "Processing Type" when assigning the Control Program to the technology.

    Reports: Improved the display of all inscriptions in report charts.

    Driver: We rejected the uniqueness of the driver name.

    Technology: Improved UX media files in technology operations.

    Dashboard: added a new type of widget "Existing dashboard".

    With the help of this widget you can lead to the dashboard of 3D-models of machines and premises of the enterprise.

    Reports: Reports have added a display of the inventory number next to the hardware code for easy analysis.

    Reports: added a separate sheet to the report "Classification of causes of downtime". Output in the table - equipment code, equipment name, start time, end time, duration, cause of downtime, comment and operator.

    Dispatcher/Notifications: added the ability to send web notifications on tickets.

    Notifications: added tags for notification templates:

            1. Business Unit Name (DepartmentName) - Includes Business Location Path Division

            2. Full Business Unit Name (DepartmentNames) - Includes Business Unit Path

            3. Full Equipment Name (EquipmentFullName)

            4. Full equipment list name (EquipmentFullNames)


    Driver: Removed the ability to create negative values of axes and spindles when creating the driver.

    Technologies: corrected the error when editing the "Data entry" operation type. 

    Technology: Corrected the error when selecting "Condition" in technology. Currently, the selection is limited to a limited list of states, depending on the current state of the technology.

    Dashboards: Improved the display of headers in dashboards.

    Analytics: in the analytics "Final distribution" has improved the interface visualization.

    Login Ways: Corrected rfid login uniqueness. Now one rfid can only be used with one user.

    Tables: corrected data retention in filters with date/time format.

    Reports: corrected text display in the report "Classification of Reasons for Downtime".

    Driver: Fixed display of Russian encoding of messages with machines.

    Driver: Fixed the error of reading the Control Program from the machine.

    Reports: corrected equipment display in "Machine Time Utilization" report

    Reports: Corrected the time format display in reports.

    Reports: localization was corrected in the report "Loading of group of machines (circular)".

    Reports: corrected upload of "Machine Time Utilization" report

    Reports: error was corrected when uploading the report "Status of the group of machines for the period".

    Automated Workstation Operator: Fixed the error of updating the downtime interface in the Automated Workstation Operator when switching periods.

  • Version 4.11
    Version /

    Analytics: "Gantt diagram" analytics corrected the display of machine errors.

    Technology: Corrected the deletion of the technology version.

    Downloading Control Programs: Corrected the localization of an error when loading Control Programs on the machine.

    DPA Host: Fixed the display of the server status after the DPA Host restart.


    Technology: Corrected an error while deleting the technology version.


    Reports: corrected display of the value on the graph "Loading of equipment (with reasons of downtime and adjustments)".


    Analytics: the filter was corrected according to the tasks in the analysis "Distribution of state of group of machines".

    Report: corrected error in "Release Analysis" report.

    Security: Corrected user access rights. Now only a user with "Administration - Edit Users" rights can change the user name.


    Analytics: corrected the Control Program display on Gantt diagram.

    Analytics: Planned and actual duration was added to the analytics "Plan-factual analysis".

    Tasks: corrected creation of task with type "Adjustment".

    Automated Workstation Operator: Displays an icon about completion of the previous task.

    Reports: Corrected error when opening report "Hardware Loading (Hardware Loading (with Reasons for Downtime and Setup)".

    Fanuc: Improved the driver on the loading/unloading performance of the Control Program.


    Reports: corrected the report of the group of machines state.


    Notification templates: Changed the display of ticket notification tags.


    Signals: adjusted the conditions of operation in the signals. 

    Signals: corrected the display of reasons of inactivity in notifications (web, email, sms). 

    Downloading Control Programs: Corrected an error while loading Control Programs to Heidenhain CNC.


    Analytics: improvements to the interface in the "Gantt diagram" analytics. 

    Reports: corrected unloading report "Loading equipment with reasons of downtime and adjustment". 

    Drivers: Improved Heidenhain driver for importing new configuration.

    Control Programs: Fixed the transfer of the Control Programs to Heidenhain. Now files are transferred in the correct format.


    Drivers: Improved Heidenhain driver.

    Performance improvement.


    Enterprise Structure: Fixed an error while removing the machine. 

    Structure of enterprise: corrected text in section "Devices". 

    DPA Server: Fixed an error when running DPA Server with an erroneous configuration.


    Reports: corrected data display in the report "Loading equipment (with reasons of downtime and adjustments)".

    Drivers: Fanuc driver corrected the definition of Russian message encoding.


    Control Programs: Corrected an error when loading the Control Program onto the machine if the Control Program is from a file attached to the task.

    Automated Workstation Operator: We fixed screen lock while importing tasks. 

    Automated Workstation Operator: corrected the display of the operation in the Automated Workstation Operator interface in the absence of a norm. 

    Automated Workstation Operator: Added a display of the reason for the delay of the operation to the Automated Workstation Operator interface.

    Tasks: added the ability to complete tasks with rescheduling. 

    Tasks: Corrected an error when creating a task with the "TOIP" type. 

    Driver: Edited the Heidenhain driver. 

    !IMPORTANT corrected the RAM leak during DPA services.


    Automated Workstation Operator: added the ability to lock the screen during the bulk import of tasks.

    Export: Added an xml file to upload information on completed tasks for subsequent rescheduling.

    Gantt Analyst: Tweaked the Control Program preview.


    Search: corrected the search when adding an operator.

    Driver: improvements to the Heidenhain driver.

    Technologies: Refine the interface of the technology table.

    Work Center: Corrected an error while removing the machine.



    Heidenhain: Made a big update for the Heidenhain driver.

    Updated configurations for 5xx and 6xx series.

    Updated the machine interaction protocol.


    Control Programs: Added the ability to store Control Programs in the directory according to the channel to which it belongs.

    Control Programs: Made a comparison of the Control Programs on the analytics channels of the machine.

    Control Programs: Added the ability to configure the directory to load the Control Programs onto the machine.

    Control Programs: Have added settings to enable/disable the download of Control Programs from the machine through channels.

    Subprogrammes: Added setting to enable/disable downloading of subroutines from the machine via channels.

    Fanuc: added support for downloading Control Programs to the specified directory. If no directory is specified, we load it to the default directory for the selected channel.


    Added ability to change driver name in monitoring.  !IMPORTANT


    Technologies: the column "Description" was added to the technology table.

    Control Programs: corrected the Control Programs comparison on Gantt Analytics.

    Search: corrected user search

    Installer: Corrected display of data during system installation.


    Technology: improvements in the interface part - added scrolling in operations.

    Update the tree when changing the status of one of the technology versions

    Access Rights: If the "Operator Download Control Programs" rights are missing, the output is "Missing Rights for: Operator Download Control Programs".

    Access Rights: If you do not have the rights "Activating Control Programs", the output is "Missing Rights for: Activating Control Programs".

  • Version 4.10
    Version /


    Added a new Automated Workstation of Specialist Bureau of Tool Management.


    • displaying the technological operations planned for production and their data;
    • displaying and familiarizing with the task assigned to the current production site;
    • Review of materials used to perform technological operations;
    • Review of the technological information required to perform operations;

    When upgrading the DPA, you must enable appropriate users to access this Automated Workstation under "Security" / "Access Rights" / "DPA" - Access to the Automated Workstation  of the Bureau of Tools Specialist.


    Operator Automated Workstation: added the ability to customize the period of displaying tasks in the operator’s Automated Workstation. By standard, data is downloaded 12 hours before and after the current moment. You can change the setting in the "System Settings" / "Operator" section.

    Operator’s Automated Workstation: added the option of "Request to state the cause of underproduction". In case of underproduction (usable+conditional-usable < planned number) the window "Selection of reasons for underproduction" is displayed, in which the causes of underproduction fall:

    1) or all from the directory " Underproduction" if the checkmark "Filter causes of underproduction" is turned off;

    2) or those that are filtered at any level of the enterprise in the "Available reasons" tab.

    The setting is disabled by the standard. You can change the setting in the "System Settings" / "Operator" section.


    Siemens: Improved the possibility of transferring Control Programs to DOS machines.


    Analyst: corrected the discrepancy in the report of the analyst "Final distribution".

    Analytics: corrected in the analysis "Final distribution" the choice of equipment (now it is possible to be as a unit or separate work center) and filtering data for different periods.

    Analytics: We corrected the display of data in analytics "Final distribution".

    Analytics: additions on analytics "Monitoring".

    Analytics filters: Provides a correct display of time period and change data in analytics filters.

    System settings: fixed the page with the download indicator.

    Tasks: Corrected an error when moving the task to the "Cancelled" status.

    Tasks: corrected filtering and sorting in the task table.

    Tasks: corrected creation of task with type "TOiR".

    Tasks: Fixed modal window display when creating task.

    Products: corrected cloning version of product.

    Technologies: corrected the layout in the technology module when creating the data entry operation.

    Signals: corrected reset of grouping time and timeout of save.

    Instrument panels: corrected the display of instrument panels types in the drop-down list.

    Logs: corrected upload in excel message log.

    Search box: corrected the clearing of the search box when you go to another page.

    DPA Host: Corrected the logic of starting the service to start the application correctly.

    Security: Corrected the search in the "Position" column.

    Integration: Fixed import of job media file links from MES systems.


    Security: "Security/ Access Rights" has been added to the "Operator Action Confirmation" feature in the Work Center: "Master should confirm the completion of the task with insufficient production or overproduction" and "The master should confirm the start of the order not in order".

    Structure of the enterprise: added the ability to assign masters to the machines through the structure of the enterprise in a branch along the machine.

    Analytics: We added to the analytics "Plan-factual analysis" display of technologies on which the tasks were started.

    Tasks: Added the ability to select any work center when creating a task. When you create a task, you initially enable the option "Show Work Centers only from the technology phase". If you uncheck, you can run the job on any available workstation.

    Dispatcher’s Automated Workstation: Adjusted the master’s assignment interface to machines.

    Optimization of reading of these indicators when calculating the normative output.

    Magazines: limited the number of days of storage of magazines to 737 400. We hope that everyone will have enough 2012 years of storage.

  • Version 4.9
    Version /

    Drivers: Added support for MAZAK under the Operating System WIN95.


    Corrected an error leading to the display of the hovering state of the machine.

    Indicators: corrected the logic of writing indicators to the file system for a more correct display of data in analysts.


    Interface: optimized the form of selection of equipment on the pop-up window.

    Signals: improved work on the condition of "Operator’s request".

    Analytics: corrected column sorting in "Plan-Factual Analysis".

    Analytics: optimized work of the analysts "Classification of causes of interruptions by tasks", "Classification of causes of deviations by tasks" and "Classification of causes of underproduction by tasks".

    Analytics: refinements on the analytics "Monitoring".

    Tasks: optimization of module operation.


    Integration: refinement of import of job media files links.

    Control Programs: Improved the ability to load Control Programs onto DOS machines.




    Added three new analysts:

    1. Classification of Reasons for Job Interruptions
    2. Classification of causes of deviations by job
    3. Classification of causes of underproduction by assignment


    Additional fields: added functionality to the technology version.


    Automated Workstation Master: added the ability to assign the master to the work center.

    Automated Workstation Operator: added the ability to leave a comment to conditional and defective parts, as well as to incomplete production.

    Functionality is enabled in system settings.


    Integration: Added new directories to the xsd schemes for integration with third-party systems. They can be downloaded at.


    Directory: renamed some directories

    "Causes of Downtime" became Downtime

    "Causes of Deviations" became "Deviations" and "Underproduction"

    "Reasons for suspending operations" became - "Suspends"


    Home Screen: Reworked the driver counter on the home page.


    Operator Automated Workstation: Fixed the interface for displaying the operator’s tasks.

    Operator Automated Workstation: Fixed the period for which tasks are displayed in the Automated Workstation. Currently displayed on tasks for 12 hours and scheduled 24 hours ahead.

    Jobs: Corrected filters and sorting in the table.

    Signals: module work optimization.

    Analytics: corrected display in analytics "Final distribution".

    Analytics: we have corrected the display in the analytics "Loading of a group of machines. Horizontal".

    Analytics: We corrected the display in the analytics "Loading of a group of machines. Vertical".

    Search: Corrected the clearing of the field in the search box when browsing between pages.



    Analytics: added display of technologies to the analytics "Plan-factual analysis"

    Drivers: optimizing the boot snapshot, state and event.

    Drivers: Driver optimization for FANUC in terms of downloading Control Programs from different channels and displaying data on analytics "Gantt Diagram".

    Drivers: Driver optimization for HEIDENHAIN. Implementation of a new communication protocol.

    Drivers: Driver optimization for HURCO. Implementation of a new communication protocol.

    Analytics optimization for correctly displaying time data from the server.

    Additional fields: optimization of work.

  • Version 4.8
    Version /

    Analytics work optimization.


    Analytics: in "Plan-factual analysis" corrected the display of time periods.

    Drivers: corrected downloading subroutines.


    Control Programs: Fanuc has improved its driver performance in terms of downloading Control Programs.

    Improvements on modules: Automated Workstation Operator, Tasks.


    Automated Workstation Operator: Added a display of the beginning and end of the current operator change.

    Automated Workstation Operator: Added a job date display.


    Performance improvement.


    Log scavenging: Fixed data retention when creating and editing a signal.


    Log Scavenging: Fixed the log settings during the upgrade.

    Tasks: corrected a bug when creating a new task with the type of TOIP.


    Master Automated Workstation: We implemented the possibility of becoming a master from the manager interface.

    Through the dispatcher’s Automated Workstation, the master can select the machines on which he will be master for the current work shift, as well as finish the change on the machines.

    Automated Workstation Operator: Made the master display on the selected machine.

    Analytics: on the analytics "Gantt diagram" added the display of periods on the masters on the machine.

    Manager: Optimize module performance.

    Signals: module optimization.


    Reference: renamed "Service Requests" to "Dispatcher".

    Products: corrected data display in product versions.

    Automated Workstation Operator: Improved version compliance check mechanism in Automated Workstation Operator with DPA server version.

    Removed a separate item of the menu "TOiR". Now all the tasks can be seen in the module "Tasks".

    Removed a separate menu item "Dispatch". The new module "Manager" is responsible for service requests from operators.


    Service requests: Edit bugs for service request notifications.

    Analytics: corrected the time data display on the analytics "Gantt diagram".


    Master Automated Workstation: added the ability to become a master of the selected equipment.

    Automated Workstation Operator: Added the Hardware Master display. The operator knows which machine master is responsible for the machine.

    Service requests: in the module "Service requests", the master can start/end the change on selected machines.


    Localization: Edits for text localization when switching the system language.


    Bug correction and minor improvements.



    Technology: added version control in the module "Technology".

    Now there is no need to re-create the technology if you need to make changes to the existing one. Just create a new version!


    Dispatch: Create a new Dispatcher Automated Workstation.


    possibility to create service requests in the Automated Workstation Operator;

    sending sms/email on service requests;

    displaying the list of service requests in the Manager’s Automated Workstation;

    ability to edit groups, sources, types of service requests in directories;

    display of service requests in analytics "Gantt diagram";

    Configure service request filters for users.


    Optional fields: Implemented the ability to add custom fields to tables.

    You can now add a unique column to the tables to display organization data.


    UI to add additional fields;

    UI for editing additional fields;

    UI to remove additional fields;

    Importing values of additional fields simultaneously with related entities

    in the UI of all directories the ability to work with additional fields;

    the ability for all directories to specify the value of additional fields;

    the ability for all directories to filter and sort the value of additional fields;

    localization of additional fields;

    UI localization for editing additional fields;

    disabling additional fields without removing them;

    additional fields in technology;

    additional fields in Control Program versions;

    additional fields in product versions;

    updating of additional fields;

    access rights to work with additional fields.


    Server date and time display was added to the interface.


    We corrected the bug with operators' binding to the machine in the structure of the enterprise.

    Analytics: corrected display in analytics "Final distribution".

    Analytics: corrected the display in the analysis "Classification of causes of idle".

    Antivirus: Corrected the installation files to prevent them from being considered as unreliable software.


    Automated Workstation Operator: Added timer display throughout the job.

    Structure of enterprise: attribution of reasons of idle, deviations and suspension of operations can be different for each section, site, machine or inherited from "parent".

    Tasks: For the type of the task "TOIR" made it possible to specify the start time and the end time.

  • Version 4.7
    Version /

    Drivers: Mazak driver development.


    Analytics: we corrected data display in analytics "Classification of causes of downtime".


    Analytics: edits in "Gantt Diagram" analytics.


    Analytics: added display in analytics "Gantt diagram" display of string indicators.


    Analytics: improved "Production line statistics".

    Drivers: Fanuc has made a configurable size of buffer for downloading Control Programs.


    Control Program Comparison: Added 2 new Control Program status - "Error when comparing" and "Control Program version not found or multiple found" (if multiple Control Programs are found by this name).

    Analytics: corrected data display in analytics "Final distribution" and "Cycle analysis".


    Report: corrected report "Use of machine time fund"


    Bug fixes and minor edits.


    Automated Workstation Operator: Added a possibility to postpone the execution of the task by the operator.


    Structure of the enterprise: added the ability to assign each production site, division and equipment its reasons for downtime, deviations and suspension of operations.


    Drivers: Siemens driver refinement.


    Control Programs: Fixed a bug in linking Control Programs to the appropriate time period.

    Reports: Changed the form of the "Plan-Factual Analysis" report with AutoFilters instead of tables and with merged cells for normal filtering.


    Analytics: the display of data in the analytics "Plan-factual analysis" was corrected.


    Technologies: fixed the table sorting, filter configuration. Added saving of settings when navigating by sorted data.


    Control Program Comparison: Added displaying all changes to the Control Program on a side scale to simplify navigation.

    Instrument panels: fixed the display of the dashboard "Mnemoschema".


    Analysis of output: we fixed failures in the meter.

    Automated Workstation Operator: Optimized Task Loading to Automated Workstation.


    Reports: corrected sending the report "Loading of equipment (with reasons of downtime and adjustments)" by email.

    Analyst: We added the "Plan-Factual Analysis" to the analysis of the causes of deviations on assignments.

    Analytics: the sorting was corrected in "Statistics of production line".


    Automated Workstation Operator: Fixed the display of a notification about the presence of downtime for classification.


    Automated Workstation Operator: Automated Workstation Operator optimized.


    Technology: Added ability to remove equipment if it is contained in existing technology.

    Notifications: made support for long messages when sending via SMS.


    Schedule: Fixed bugs in schedule settings.

    Directory: Improved the display of data when sorting.


    Automated Workstation Operator: Improved the transfer of Control Programs to the machine.

    3 options:

    1. Technology assignment - only the technology-based Control Program is shown. 

    2. Task without technology - show all Control Programs from the Control Program Directory. 

    3. Task with Control Program - only show this Management Program (this option is possible only when loading Control Programs via .xml files).

    Logs: Cleaned up user logs.

    Analytics: improved display of output analysis data on the "State distribution of a group of machines" analytics. When the checkbox is included, "Release" is reflected on the chart "Good", "Brac" and "Conditional good" products.


    Analytics: made the first version of the report in the "Plan-Factual Analysis" Excel.


    Automated Workstation Operator: we increased module performance.

    Directory: in the directory "Reasons for deviations", "Reasons for suspending the operation", "Reasons for downtime", "Type of application" added the ability to adjust the sorting for correct display on the Automated Workstation Operator.

    Timetable: We localized templates and schedules by languages.


    Signals: Improved module logic.


    Analytics: corrected data display in analytics "Final distribution.

    Analytics: the rounding of values in analysts "Time diagram of events", "Analysis of output", "Final distribution", "Analysis of cycles" was corrected.

    Authorization: Improved display of more than one Windows Authorization button.

    Enterprise Structure: Improved Equipment Removal Procedure - When removing equipment, we automatically remove the release log.

    Journals: Columns "Technology" and "Operation" (Technology Operation) were added to the "ST" magazine.

    Analytics: in the analytics "Analysis of release" corrected the display of names. We show the name of equipment, UP and technology.

    Reports: Technology data has been added to the "Products Release" report.

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