The implementation of digital information systems at the moment is one of the main directions of development and modernization of the industry. If your organization’s activities are focused on this area, we suggest considering options for mutually beneficial cooperation with X-Tensive.

We are doing everything possible to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our partners and are confident that our cooperation will be effective.

Welcome for Collaboration

Systems Integrators
Realization of the DPA system to end customers
Tool Suppliers
The counter certification of products and dealer conditions
Demonstration and Training centers
Free licenses and software installation assistance

For System Integrators

We propose system integrators to include X-tensive-Automation products in the list of services for end customers and receive from our side:

  • Sustainable modern product with the most comprehensive in its class functionality;
  • “Seamless” integration of any of our products and meet industry standards;
  • Experience of mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • Support during installation at the customer;
  • License fees.

For Suppliers of CNC machines

If your company manufactures or supplies CNC machines, we suggest certifying equipment compatibility with the DPA system.

It allows to offer customers additional functionality, at no significant cost of you,

in particular,

  • additional confirmation of the supplied products are reliable, timely and functional;
  • guarantee of simple and cost-effective connection of the tools supplied by you to ERP systems (SAP, 1C);
  • opportunity to analyze the performance and equipment fault tolerance.


  • Demo samples and the training machine centers are licensed for free;
  • Adequate information about the use of equipment in real production;
  • Available information about the equipment running in real production;
  • Consistency operations for analyzing failures and abnormal equipment situations;
  • Your enterprise receives license fees when purchasing software with equipment;
  • A developed client base help you can offer the customer solutions for any machines;
  • Your company can act as the DPA system dealer on standard terms to expand operations in the market of CNC machines;
  • You need to purchase additional software options to connect the machines to the monitoring.

Training and Showrooms

LLC "Extensive-Automation" offers assistance in the preparation of training courses:

  • «Machine data analysis»
  • «Machine data for technologists»
  • «Digital manufacturing in mechanical engineering»


  • Tool Operators Training Centers;
  • universities with CNC tools;
  • suppliers with equipped showrooms;
  • enterprises using CNC tools for non-commercial purposes.

Payment for work is minimized or absent, and depends on

  • software options availability on the tool;
  • guarantee terms;
  • connection the tool to the network;
  • connected Server Power;
  • physical accessibility of equipment.

Ask about collaboration

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