DPA - Cross platform

Posted: 11/01/2024

DPA Cross-Platform Capability: A Leap into the Future

Exciting News at the Close of 2023!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our long-awaited release 6.0, and, just before December ended, version 6.1. A significant milestone - DPA now supports Linux, opening a realm of new possibilities for our users.

Immense gratitude to our R&D and QA teams for their dedication. Their efforts have ensured that this release is not just about cross-platform compatibility, but also about enhanced security and functionality.

A major update includes PDF format for reports and a user-friendly script editor, making DPA one of the most configurable systems for monitoring and production management. With over 100 tasks resolved, we've elevated the system's security and user experience.

 Several enterprises have already upgraded to the new version, leveraging the additional innovations and improvements in DPA.

Stay Tuned for More: We're excited to host an upcoming webinar focused on cross-platform capability, the technologies involved, and our future plans for enhancing the universality and security of DPA.

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