DPA in Turkey

Posted: 06/09/2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant new milestone in the journey of X-tensive. As part of our commitment to achieving our primary strategic goal – establishing DPA as a global brand – we have successfully initiated our first deployments in Turkey's industrial sector.

Based on our preliminary assessments, the region presents vast opportunities for DPA application. The Turkish industry is embracing digitalization, recognizing the importance and benefits of integrating innovative technologies in monitoring.

Excitingly, we have connected the first machines to the DPA system. The day after launch, we received an overwhelmingly positive response and our client was astoundingly impressed by the actual equipment load values. The 'wow' effect was achieved very swiftly.

Shortly, at least four more enterprises will undergo a test implementation phase. In Turkey, word-of-mouth is proving to be the most reliable channel for promotion. We are grateful to everyone involved in the project and are confident of achieving even greater success in this new market.

A brief note on our international aspirations:

Having started our international ventures with pilot implementations in Belgium in October 2020, DPA has demonstrated its global competitiveness with three successful industrial deployments.

Currently, our company is executing pilot projects in Turkey and Armenia, participating in tenders in Kazakhstan, and in 2024, we plan to expand to enterprises in China and India, thanks to the successes at our existing customers' facilities.

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