Webinar for partners

Posted: 23/01/2024

X-tensive is actively preparing for the scheduled January meeting with partners and system integrators. We are delighted to share our experience and knowledge, and year by year, our partner network grows, as do its results. At the scheduled meeting, we will briefly discuss the results of 2023 and our development plans for 2024.

Our key focus is the strategic success of the customer and solving their utilitarian tasks in the fight for lean resource use, and in collaboration with our reliable partners, we can do this even faster and more efficiently. However, we are sure that we would not have come so far if it were not for the important foundations laid in the "genome" of X-tensive several years ago.

In this post, we decided to introduce you to the principles of our competitive policy, which ensure our progressive development:

- Fair market competition wins. Competition should be based on the quality and attractiveness of offers, not on administrative resources or dumping schemes that undermine the market.

- X-tensive avoids illegal and unethical methods of competition.

- Competitors are not enemies but potential future partners, cooperation with whom benefits the market.

- In the market sectors related to the digitization of industrial enterprises, there is enough room for every honest player. The industry is developing and growing, and it depends on each market participant what it will be like in years and decades.

We wish you successful digitalization!

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